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Bloch news reports

Two local magazines just published articles on Bloch’s journey: a six-page-report in Appenzeller Magazin and another one in Urnäscher Nochrichte.


Bloch in the Bahamas

Bloch is currently in the Bahamas (on Vessel Maersk Varna) heading for South Africa.
You can track them down on MarineTraffic or Vesselfinder.


Bloch at WOOD Conference Cape Town

Currently, Bloch is on its way from New York City to Cape Town/South Africa where its first public appearance will be at the 7. WOOD Conference in Cape Town on Feb 28. >program

The transport of Bloch from NYC to Cape Town is sponsored by Kuratle Group which runs also the WOOD Conference. – Thank you so much for bringing Bloch to the African continent!
Soon we inform you on Bloch’s tour across South Africa, which starts in Cape Town and brings Bloch later to Johannesburg, Richmond and many other places.



Research in South Africa

We just returned from Johannesburg and Cape Town, researching for the next Bloch Station in 2017. We had a wonderful time and met so many great and interesting artists, curators, facilitators and open minded people. Thank you so much for your time and friendship – we hope to see you all again in 2017.
Bloch will first appear at the Wood Conference in Cape Town on Feb 28 2017. After some interventions in the Western Cape, we will head north-east to Richmond and Johannesburg. Stay tuned for some more news, schedule and more.


Research Trip South Africa

We are coming to South Africa for research and preparation: Nov 20-25 we are in Cape Town, Nov 25-29 in Johannesburg. Bloch will first appear on Feb 28 2017 at the Wood Conference in Cape Town and later make its way across South Africa. Bloch ist supposed to travel and stay in South Africa for a series of events and activities until May/June 2017, before heading north to the Middle East.
If you are interested in collaborating, inviting or hosting Bloch for an event, exhibition, talk or art project, please get in contact with us (


Africa is calling!

Exciting news: Bloch is going next to South Africa!
We just prepared the trailer and Bloch for its next continental jump. A big thanks to Paul Moon for hosting Bloch the last few months in his warehouse in Catskill, upstate New York. (Photo from left: Paul Moon, Victoria Moon-Mariani and Chris Mariani)

bloch-packing1 bloch-packing2


Bloch in New York (rough edit)


Folk Art Painting from NYC Station

Bloch NY

New Folk Art Painting by Marc Trachsler on Blochs recent adventures in New York City.


Bloch local & global

In the “Ostschweiz am Sonntag” from Feb. 14 they bring together the current local edition of Bloch with our global travelling one.
Bloch OaS 14.2.16 PGN


Video Docu Knockdown Center II

short video documentation of Bloch at Knockdown Center New York – II: Conference / Performance, filmed by Mehmet Salih Yildirim